PT Indomaru Lestari

Praise God!!!

Thanks to Almighty God, PT. Indomaru Lestari able to run well.

From year 1995 until entering this very year, PT. Indomaru Lestari has undergone tough times. But thanks to Almighty God, by His grace and the perseverance with tenacity shown by our employees, the company keep developing vigorously.

PT. Indomaru sustainable start to get the trust from Yamasa Corporation Japan to become the sole distributor in Indonesia. Along by time passed, PT Indomaru received more trustworthy from Japan's big company. PT. Indomaru Lestari was being pointed out to be Indonesia's Sole Distributor of International products such as, Komeoh Rice, Yukihime Rice, Miyakoichi, Tamanoi, Tanaka, Marufuji, Wonderland, Nisshin, Bamboo Chopsticks, Japanese frozen / Chilled / Air cargo. From Korea, such as Hanil, Dongwoon, Il Poom, and Samyang. Besides the imported products, we are trusted to become distributor for local products as well, such as Omereso, Katsuobushi, Mr. Ishi Shirataki / Konnyaku, Edamame, Furusato Miso, and Wooden Chopstick.

With growing density of PT. Indomaru Lestari's activities from day to day, we felt the need of bigger facilities and better location. So on March 20, 2011 PT Indomaru move to its new office building, together with a new warehouse at Jl. Peternakan II / 40 Kapuk Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat 11710.

On behalf of entire management team, let me show my gratitude for your support towards PT. Indomaru Lestari. From the deepest part of my heart, Thank You.


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